About Us

My confection creator journey began when I convinced my parents to purchase a Holly Hobbie oven for my 6th birthday.

At age 11 my grandmother gifted me with her Betty Crocker 1950''s cookbook, which I dubbed: my Bible.

This book provided me with the tools to understand the in's, out's, and why's of baking. Over the next several decades, I used these tools to create dozens of my own recipes to the delight of family, friends , and co-workers.

Fast forward to my job in the corporate world when I took a role in Quality Assurance. In order to have people willingly attend my meetings, I would bake treats. Word quickly spread about "The Cake Lady” and her delicious baked goods. One of my proudest moments was when a random guy showed up, helped himself to the table full of treats, and when it was time to take attendance promptly got up and left. I still don't know who this hero is to this day, but I'm flattered.

About nine years ago I decided it was time to dial in my diet and focus on my fitness journey, to the chagrin of my sweet tooth. Since a more focused healthy lifestyle wasn't just temporary, I decided to research ways to make treats without my trusted refined sugar, butter, and crisco.

After multiple recipie attempts I finally figured out the wily ways of dried fruits and nuts.

Over the past 9 years I've tweaked and refined my creations and I now proudly present to you:

Sassy Balls